Thursday, June 2, 2011

How do I describe last night? ZOMG.

I'm Katee. I'm 25-years-old. And I'm a Gleek.

Tuesday morning I won 3rd row tickets on the radio to see Glee live last night. JP was supposed to join me to the concert, but got out of it by the skin of his teeth when a friend called wanting to go. His loss.

We got to the Target Center and had to wade through the massive crowd to get to Will Call to pick up the tickets. I checked the tickets to see what seats we got, and was pleasantly surprised EFFING STOKED to discover that we had been upgraded to the second row!!

We made our way to our seats and the show began with an awesome 1/2 hour performance by the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. For the non-Gleeks, this is the dance group that Harry Shum, Jr.(AKA Mike Chang)dances and choreographs for.

After a slight intermission after the performance by The LXD, the show started. ::Cue Katee instantly turning back into a giddy teenager:: Between Kevin McHale doing the Safety Dance, Chris Colfer performing "Single Ladies", being mere feet away from Mark Salling, and sitting next to a Warbler, it was an amazing show from start to finish. I would definitely go back again next year, even if I had to actually pay for the tickets.