Thursday, September 16, 2010

Learning to Fly

Today I was informed that two of my coworkers and I are being sent to the Medicare Ignite conference in Madison, Wisconsin in November. Madison is about four-five(ish) driving hours away from my home west of the twin cities. After getting filled in on the details of when, where, and why, I asked how we were going to get there. The answer I received was not the answer I was expecting, nor looking for. We’re flying.

The rest of the informational phone call was a blur, and I am pretty sure I held my breath the entire time after I heard the word “flight” because I have had a pretty righteous headache for the two hours since then. I hate to fly. I haven’t flown in almost 6 years and it would be a whole lot awesomer (more awesome?) if my first flight since the hiatus was to a more appealing destination. I get nervous and all sorts of anxious at the thought of setting foot on an airplane; let alone the rickety one they are probably going to stick us on for the flight…because that would just figure. The amount of booze and meds I will need to get through this trip may be enough to tranquilize a small horse…I don’t care if the flight is only on the upwards of one hour.

My step-mom and her friend stopped by work today and friend explained that she feels the same way about flying as I do…and I think she hit the nail on the head to where my problem stems from – I’m freakishly organized and like for things to be in control. Being belted in the seat in an aircraft miles in the sky with no sight of the pilot puts me in a very vulnerable position. She was also absolutely right when she said that my fear of flying would be less (and possibly non-existent) if I were up in front making sure the pilot was doing his job with no tomfoolery. This is where friend proceeded to tell me all about this little Scooby Snack called Xanax. Don’t get me wrong, I know what Xanax is – I just didn’t know that doctor’s actually prescribed it for flying phobias. Rock on. I just might make it through this trip without crying; and if not, I apologize to my coworkers in advance.

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