Monday, April 5, 2010

Eggs, Ham, and Bunny Ears...

We had a nice Easter yesterday.

The day began with brunch with my Mom's family and ended with dinner at my Dad's house. Brunch was ok - but it was nice seeing the family again, being the last time we all got together was about a year ago. I can't believe how quickly time goes by.

Dinner at Dad's was amazing as usual; especially the ham. Oh that sweet, sweet honey-mandarin orange-apricot preserve-Gentleman Jack-etcetcetc ham glaze. I probably would have been happy eating just that.

The kids had a great time too. Well, Jack at least. I don't think Reese really knew what the heck was going on. I remember the pre-child days when holidays were so stress free. Now, two kids and a dog later Husband and I are exhausted by days end. All in all, the exhaustion is worth it just to have moments like these:

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Hope you all had a fantastic Easter as well.

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