Thursday, November 11, 2010

JACKtionary: Fall Edition

::Back Story:: Jack was at JP's parent's house yesterday during the day. JP's Dad showed Jack the recently hunted deer hanging in the barn...and told us all about it on the drive home last night...

Jack: Did you know the deer in Grandpa's barn is a whitetail deer?
Me: Really? Did Grandpa tell you that?
Jack: Yup. Whitetail deer are in the woods and when they see danger they lift up their tails like "Uh-Oh!". But nope, not this time. Grandpa shot him and cut his head off.

Me: ::blank stare::


::Back Story:: Last night I emptied Jack's school bag out and found his art project. The kids all made turkeys and wrote what they are thankful for on the feathers (well, the teacher wrote it, but Jack supplied the ideas)...

In case you can't read what he is thankful for, here's a close-up. I think the middle feather is the best.

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