Monday, November 29, 2010

JACKtionary...Fall Edition (continued)

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving; I know we did! As a matter of fact, I'm still full.


Who am I kidding? ::noms on another cookie shamelessly::

Anyway, other than Reese's gift she left for me in her bathtub, here are some goodies from the weekend...

::Back Story:: The kids were at JP's parent's house on Tuesday during the day. JP's Dad took Jack for a walk in the woods...

Grandpa: Look Jack, there's JP's deer stand.
Jack: How the heck do the deer get up there!?

::Back Story:: Jack was being naughty. I threw the Santa card...

Me: Jack if you don't start being nice Santa isn't going to want to come.
Jack: Ya right Mom. I know he'll come anyway.

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