Thursday, January 8, 2015

Helmet Life.

Cooper has been wearing a helmet since he was 4 months old. 

Around 2 months he was diagnosed with torticollis after we expressed concern to his doctor that he wasn't an (and excuse the Zoolander reference) "ambi-turner" because he couldn't turn his head to the left.  After some PT and learning new stretches we corrected the problem, but as a result from constant pressure on the right side of his skull he developed a flat spot; also referred to as positional plagiocephaly

Although it made for a great Halloween costume as Sloth from the Goonies, it was definitely something we wanted to have corrected. So at 4 months Cooper was fit with a STARband

For those who are not familiar with the remodeling process, the helmet is essentially worn 23 hours per day, everyday until the end of treatment.  Only removed for one hour per day to bathe and air out the babe and clean the helmet.  Cooper HATED wearing the helmet at first, and his head smelled like a foot - even after a bath.  The cleaning method of 91% rubbing alcohol wasn't removing the smell to my liking, only making the helmet smell like an alcoholic's foot.  The struggle was real, folks. 

But then he got used to it.  And so did we.  I even found a solution to the end the smell of the helmet, and (mostly) from his head.  So, for anyone reading that may need some cleaning advice, I will share my super-not-so-secret helmet cleaning regimen:

Clean inside of helmet using 91% rubbing alcohol and a soft toothbrush.  Dry with a microfiber dishcloth.

Put small amount of Mustela Physiobebe No-Rinse Solution on the same microfiber cloth and rub on the inside of the helmet.  Let air dry.

That's it.  Super easy, and no smell. 

His head, on the other hand...well, we're still working on that.

Regular baby shampoo works okay, but it's not the best.  I have found that this product works much better, but it is borderline expensive.

While I don't hate the helmet as much as I did in the beginning, we are ready to be done.  One more good growth spurt and it's sayonara.  But for now, he's awfully cute with it on...

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