Monday, January 12, 2015

Things I love [a baby gear post]

Over an 8 ½ year span I have brought three children into this world. 

Over this same 8 ½ year span there have been some major improvements in baby gear.  I am going to use this post as an opportunity to review a few items that, after using with Cooper, I don’t know how I had ever lived without…and that I don’t really want to part with.

[rockaRoo by 4moms]
The rockaRoo is hands-down the best baby swing I have ever owned.  It is super-portable, has convenient removable fabric that is machine-washable, MP3 hookup, and plugs in – NO BATTERIES, PEOPLE.   It has five speeds, and rather than the typical swaying motion of your standard baby swing, it rocks like a rocking horse.    

 [mamaRoo by 4 moms]
 When we were expecting Cooper I was leaning towards purchasing the mamaRoo.  During my research, 4moms released the rockaRoo.  In the interest of saving money, I went with the rockaRoo.  After Cooper was diagnosed with torticollis and in PT, we were gifted a mamaRoo by the 4moms Cares program.  The mamaRoo is not a swing,  I refer to it as more of a “ride”.  This seat has five pre-programmed motions that mimic movements such as a car ride or a kangaroo bounce.  It has four built-in sounds, and like the rockaRoo it is also compatible with MP3 players, has the removable fabric and also operates by plugging in.

[breeze by 4moms]
We used the same Graco Pack ‘n Play for both Jack and Reese.  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this product in terms of quality and reliability; it was the assembly that drew me towards the breeze.  Unlike your standard play yards, the process of assembling and disassembling the breeze is ONE STEP.  Well, two if you count the insertion/removal of the pad.  Don't believe me?  Watch this:

Amazing, right?!  It really is that simple.  It also comes with a storage bag and bassinet insert.  My one and only complaint about this product is that it is Heavy.  Like in excess of 40lbs, heavy. 

Anyone with a tiny human knows that (most) babies prefer to be swaddled; and to get a better nights sleep, it has to be straight-jacket style.  Once that tiny human has mastered the art of rolling, the swaddling ceases abruptly...and so does any chance of an uninterrupted slumber. 
Husband and I like to watch Shark Tank.  One night, we watched an episode that featured the Zipadee-Zip; a wearable swaddle-transitioning blanket.  This is essentially a starfish-esque sleep sack that encloses the entire body from the neck down, but still allows for full use of arms and legs.  That's Cooper in the photo above rocking his.  The Zipadee-Zip is designed with a slight resistance in the arm span to prevent the occurrence of the startle-reflex that causes babies to suddenly wake up.  This 100% works, and was worth every-single-penny.  If you are considering buying one, buy fast.  These seem to sell out just as fast as they return to stock. 
WARNING.  Some of you may judge me for this next item.  To be honest, I judged people with this item, because no.  And ::gag::.  And gross.  But in a moment of desperation to get my congested baby to breathe through his nose, I sent the husband to Target just before close to get...
I used the standard bulb nasal aspirator on all three of my kids.  You know, that blue one they send home with you from the hospital?  It generally does an okay job, but Cooper was so congested the other night that I was desperate to find an alternative solution.  After consulting Dr. Google, I stumbled upon reviews from other parents about the Nosefrida.  I will fully admit that I have scoffed at the thought of someone buying this product on more than one occasion, because the thought of using it completely freaked me out.  But you know what?  It works.  So well, in fact, that I almost want to kick myself for not buying this sooner. 
If you cannot tell by the picture on the box, the Nosefrida is a device made up of three parts:  the applicator, the tubing, and a filter.  The filter is placed in the base of the tubing which snaps to the applicator.  The applicator is then placed at the base of the baby's nostril and you use the power of your own mouth to create a vacuum seal that draws out everything you didn't want to see congesting your little one.  For those who are wondering, NO, you do NOT get anything in your mouth!  Everything is collected in the applicator and never enters the tubing.  The filter is in place to also prevent any bacterial transfer.  Although there was definitely some serious hesitation before using, I will tell you that this works a hundred million times better than a bulb aspirator and I will never, ever go back.  Judge all you want, but my baby can breathe freely.     
Alright, I think that's enough for tonight. 

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