Monday, July 12, 2010

My Burnin’ Loins and the 2.5 Seconds I Resembled Siobhan Magnus

I have realized that I am really bad about timely posting, but I can rationalize this by saying that life isn’t always timely.

Moving on…

We had an awesomely awesome Fourth of July getaway at our family cabin in Hayward, Wisconsin. The four and a half days of sun, alcohol, food, family, fireworks, and laughs were much needed.

I even got to go fishing with my Dad and Husband and on the first day proceeded to catch the only fish worth catching; only to have my fishing line snap just as its bass lips reached the surface of the water. Husband obviously doubted my abilities and deemed my two-pound test line as adequate despite my protest that I would undoubtedly reel in the catch of the day. Oh well. Everyone has their own “one that got away” story, mine just happens to be about a fish.

All that time spent on the boat also led to another unfortunate incident.

::Back Story:: I am the fairest skinned girl you will ever cross paths with. I think it’s a combination of being from Minnesota, and the fact that I have a sun allergy wicked enough to confine me to a hotel room during my 11th grade spring break trip to the Bahamas. But that’s a whole other story.

Let’s do some math.

White meat + reflective lake sun + SPF 4 tanning lotion applied liberally + 4 hours on a boat = Burnin’ loins. Literally.

Exhibit A.

Yes, it was as painful as it looks, but not enough to ruin my vacation!


  1. Katee- I too can relate with the sun allergy thing. I am very fair and if I'm in the sun without sunscreen for 20 minutes it seems as though I start getting a heat rash. It's terrible. I but a sunscreen with like 90 SPF..and so far it's worked. :) I love your blog.

  2. Nice to know that I am not the only one! At least our skin will look fabulous well into our golden years :)