Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our landscapers are idiots.

::back story:: Being a new home owner with little to no gardening experience, a girl at work gave me some irises to plant in our backyard last summer. Calvin proceeded to dig them up and destroy them, leaving me with sad green stalks that stood for the rest of the season. I looked forward to the next year when they would make their comeback...

This year, my previously destroyed irises were finally coming back full force. Although they hadn't bloomed yet, they still looked a heck of a lot healthier than they did last year. And bonus, the dog was even leaving them alone! It was looking to be a good plant year...

...until yesterday.

After getting home from work I went to let the dog out the back door. To my HORROR I saw that our IDIOT landscapers had been there earlier that day mowing the lawn and weed whacking. Not only did they cut down the weeds in our rock bed, they absolutely mutilated my plants! Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I would like to think that a LANDSCAPER would know the difference between a dandelion and a healthy pre-bloomed plant! Iris leaves were scattered all over the yard and all Husband could do was laugh.

I guess I really wasn't meant to have flowers.

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  1. Gotta hate it when you have to suffer due to other people's stupidity! This would make me so angry, but my hubby sounds a lot like yours and would be the calming voice and tell me what he always says in cases like this, "Well, what can ya do?"