Friday, May 21, 2010

Thankful Things from Thursday...

I have two from this week :)

1.Husband. He is such a GEEK, but I love him lots. However, he does get lots of side-eyes; which he completely earns per the example below:

I had to work late last night so I sent Husband to our biannual Homeowners Association meeting.

I leave him unsupervised for two hours and what does he do? He nominates HIMSELF for Vice President...and wins. He finds this hilarious and is insisting that I refer to him as VP (not going to happen). Geek mania, I'm telling you!

2. DVR. Allowing me to corral the kids, get things done, and still be able to watch the season finales of Bones and Grey's in their entirety's. Grey's was AWESOME. Husband even kind of got into it. He was also laughing at me being on the brink of an anxiety attack as my heart raced and teeth chattered through a majority of the episode.

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